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Our aim is to bring all Indian manufacture products under one tree. 


Our Mission is to bring awareness to people about all our Indian products, brands, quality, price, options, and alternatives. 


Our Vision is to make people to buy swadeshi products 

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Who we are?

Swadeshi Prachar is India's only one web platform providing business listing, E-commerce, marketing and supporting only Indian manufacturer companies, distributors, retails, and products for free of cost. We at Swadeshi Prachar creating big chain between all Indian manufacturing companies, distributors, stores, Franchises and small and large scale retails under one big platform and making customers to buy our own Indian products. User can start experiencing all features like accessing categories based on cities, comparing different brands, selecting quality products with less price, buying products which are manufacure in India (Made in India), E-shopping, door to door delivery, getting franchises, becoming a distributor, connecting to industries, marketing, creating the digital world, investing, and lot more at a single place.

Swadeshi Prachar is an idea started back in 2019 January. It takes 18 months-long journeys for beta version. Swadeshi Prachar web platform is a product of Artificial Penetration Software Solutions Private Limited.